Become a Carbonfact Checker

Help us deliver facts and transparency about the carbon emissions contained in the products we buy.

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How can I join the Carbonfact community?

We are currently in a private beta stage and are eager for new members to join our community. You can apply here. After reviewing your profile, we'll share an invitation to our Slack group and send you information on how to get started.

How can I contribute to Carbonfact?

There is a lot to do! You can help us refine our Life Cycle Analysis methodologies, review the existing scientific literature, submit additional products to review or review a product that was already added by the community. Sound exciting? Then hit apply!

How can I add inputs for a given product?

Once you've been approved as a member, you'll have access to a list of products to review. For each product, you can edit an emissions form that will automatically compute the carbon footprint, based on your inputs. Click here for a video to see how it works.

How can I find the information you are asking for on the product page ?

Much of this information should be accessible from the manufacturer’s product page. Sometimes a quick Google can lead you to unexpected good sources.

Are the Carbonfact contributions available as open data?

Yes. All contributions will be available as open data and can be re-used for free by our community.

I am a brand and I want to add my products to Carbonfact, how can I do this?

Reach out to us at