Low carbon sell better.

Help your customers shop low carbon products with easy to use merchandising tools.

effortlessNo data needed from you.Our database already includes proprietary data from products, brands and manufacturers.
PositiveAdding carbon footprints only on low carbon products.The message is always beneficial, for your brands, for your customers, for you. Making low carbon products stand out is more powerful than naming and shaming.
TrustBring on climate experts.Our team is composed of climate experts led by Dr Bahareh Zamani, who co-authored the technical Product Environmental Footprint Pilots defined by the European Commission.
How it works
Data collection

Our team retrieves product information from your catalog and maps it to our proprietary database.


Our Science department executes a first computation to identify products that are likely to be low carbon. We then circle back with the involved brands to confirm the exact details.


We help your team integrate the results and design the communication supports.

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