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Sustainability platform built for apparel and footwear

Measure, report and reduce your environmental impact, with a team of data experts.

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Selected by 150+ fashion, luxury and footwear brands
Environmental impact management tools for fashion brands

Measure, report, and reduce your footprint with a team of data experts.

Our granular intelligence throughout the fashion supply chain allows us to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to data cleaning and provision. We deliver the most accurate results and offer expert insights to help you reduce your environmental footprint.

Carbon Accounting-2
Product LCA-1

Carbon Accounting

Automate your Carbon Accounting (GHG Protocol, Scopes 1, 2, 3) with unmatched resolution for purchased goods and services.

Carbon Accounting-2


Measure and report your emissions to stay compliant with EU and U.S. regulations such as CSRD, DPP, and the NY Fashion Act. We save you months of time. 


Product LCA

Environmental impact measurement for all your products on the SKU level (CO2e, water consumption, land use, etc.), even with incomplete data. 

Product LCA-1


Model product- and catalog-level changes in your supply chain, and run what-if scenarios to reduce your environmental footprint.

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How Carbonfact works

01 Retrieve your data

Our journey begins by ingesting all your existing product and supply chain data. We consolidate and clean your diverse data sets, from any source, in any format. To reduce your workload to a minimum, we build a custom connector that integrates with your existing systems, automating future data import and creating a live connection to Carbonfact.

1 Retrieve your data
02 Fill data gaps

Incomplete data? Not a problem  - we identify and fill in your data gaps. Data engineering features and AI - trained on extensive primary data sets - automatically fill in missing details like component weights, dtex, and process-level steps. 

Fill data gaps
03 Calculate footprints

Once your data is processed, our Life Cycle Assessment engine automatically calculates the footprints for each of your products on an SKU level. The numbers update whenever new purchase orders are synced via the live data connection. 

3 Calculate footprints
04 Improve data quality

Carbonfact helps you identify emission hotspots and smartly prioritize your supplier data collection. By providing you with a concrete list of data points to gather from your suppliers, we save your team weeks of time and effort.

Increase accuracy
05 Analyze and disclose your emissions

Explore your data with interactive dashboards, perform your yearly GHG Carbon Accounting, and automatically generate reports to stay compliant with CSRD and other regulatory requirements.

5 Analyze and disclose your emissions-2
06 Decarbonize

Dive into your data with our analytics dashboards and simulate changes using our advanced simulation tools. Model changes across components, materials, process steps, and transport on a product and catalog level.

6 Decarbonize
1 Retrieve your data Fill data gaps 3 Calculate footprints Increase accuracy 5 Analyze and disclose your emissions-2 6 Decarbonize

Not just a carbon accounting tool, but…

Product-level LCA EnGINE-2
... an extension of your sustainability team.

While our platform handles the heavy lifting, our team of engineers, climate, compliance, and data experts is there to support you every step of the way 💪.

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Direct access to our in-house climate, fashion, and LCA experts

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We guide your supplier data collection and fill your data gaps

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We help you design decarbonization strategies

...automated & scalable.

We’ve turned the GHG Protocol into automated software. Data engineering features - trained on extensive primary data sets - automatically fill in missing details like component weights, dtex, and process-level steps.

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Product-LCA for your whole catalog

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New purchase orders are automatically imported

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We detect anomalous data entries from suppliers

Product analytics-1
Product-level LCA EnGINE
...backed by science.

Our methodology and calculations are based on the GHG Protocol, and the Product Environmental Footprint (PEFCR), a methodology created by the European Commission based on the scientific method for measuring environmental footprints.

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Transparent and auditable calculations

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Carbonfact is audited by PWC to ensure compliance

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Future-proof to stay compliant with new EU and US laws

100% integrated with your techstack

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