Fashion is dirty.

We are scientists and engineers from 5 different countries, on a mission to decarbonize the 1 gigaton CO2e fashion industry.

Angie WuAngie WuOperationsCustomer Experience at Airbnb, MBA at HEC.
Bahareh ZamaniBahareh ZamaniSciencePhD fashion & sustainability, co-author technical report PEFCR.
David RuyerDavid RuyerEngineeringCTO at Pretto
Marc LaurentMarc LaurentCEOFounder at Kerala Ventures, 1st investor at Doctolib. YC alum.
Martin DanielMartin DanielCPOData science lead at Airbnb, founder at Covidliste. YC alum.
Max HalfordMax HalfordDataPhD in ML, data scientist at Alan, wrote online ML library River.
Romain ChampourlierRomain ChampourlierCTOCTO at JobTeaser, YC alum.
Lidia LüttinLidia LüttinMarketingLed marketing at Bynder, Happeo
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