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Let's decarbonize fashion. Together.

Our mission at Carbonfact is to help brands understand where their carbon emissions come from and how they can reduce them with the best possible returns on investment.


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What sets us apart

The only carbon management tool built specifically for the fashion industry. Decarbonize your catalog with real-time and expert insights.



Our focus is entirely on apparel and footwear. Thanks to our granular intelligence throughout the supply chain, we’re able to deliver the most accurate results and offer expert insights to help you reduce your environmental footprint.

Real-time data

Real-time data

Get real-time environmental emissions’ data that is automatically collected from your PLM, ERP, and traceability solutions, and use this data to make informed decisions every day.

Scalable platform

Scalable platform

Carbonfact allows you to measure the environmental footprint of your entire product catalog using both primary and industry data, at a fraction of the cost of consultants.

Our principles

Our core principles are an important part of who we are as a team. They help guide us in the type of behaviors we want to encourage in the workplace.

Idealist pragmatists

We empower fashion and textile companies with actionable data to reduce their emissions. This is our contribution to the climate solution. It means that everything we do starts from our customers.

Carbon above money

We want to make a tangible impact. Capitalism, regulation, and software are just tools. Our main goal is decarbonization, so we'll always choose carbon impact over short-term financial gains.

Own it

Carbonauts are shareholders, not just employees. As company owners, we constantly work to improve our customers' experience. We value accountability, rely on each other, and never drop the ball.


The carbon problem is complex, so we deliver simplified solutions to our customers. We make our messages crystal clear for everyone, from our team to our clients, even if they're not experts in our field.

Low ego

We embrace a culture of feedback and personal growth. We run bi-annual performance evaluations based on peer feedback to empower team members to identify their strengths and areas for improvement.

Got excited?

Join our international team and help us decarbonize the fashion industry!

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Our values

Our core values are an important part of who we are as a team. They help guide us in the type of behaviors we want to encourage in the workplace.



We tackle problems and challenges with a positive mindset, always optimistic and eager to crack the case. We’re pragmatists and believe in action over theory.

Collective first


High-performing teams are key to achieving great accomplishments. That’s why we go above and beyond by investing our own time to help our colleagues. We are low-ego, polite, concise and thoughtful.

Fact based


We value facts and science when it comes to combating climate change. We prefer to stick to the evidence rather than relying on opinions. If someone shows us the facts, we're easy to convince!

A team on a mission.

We built a strong science team and hired software engineers and data scientists from leading tech startups to turn the latest LCA methodology into software and achieve our shared mission to decarbonize the 1 gigaton CO2e fashion industry.

Angie Wu

Angie Wu

Head of Customer Success

Customer Experience at Airbnb, MBA at HEC.

Marc Laurent

Marc Laurent


Founder at Kerala Ventures, 1st investor at Doctolib, YC alumni.


Léa Prunier 

Head of Sales

Ex-Doctolib and Salesforce

Martin Daniel

Martin Daniel


Data science lead at Airbnb, founder at Covidliste, YC alumni

Max Halford

Max Halford

Head of Data

PhD in ML, data scientist at Alan, wrote online ML library River.

Romain Champourlier

Romain Champourlier


CTO at JobTeaser, YC alum.

Lidia Lüttin

Lidia Lüttin

Head of Marketing

Led marketing at Bynder, Happeo

Zoé Casenove-1

Zoé Casenove

Decarbonization Associate


Elena Ghika

Account Executive

Maximilian Hagmann

Maximilian Hagmann

Senior Decarbonization Executive

Victor Goupil de Bouillé

Victor Goupil de Bouillé

Founding Software Engineer

Gabriel Saillard

Gabriel Saillard

Software Engineer

Leonardo Natale

Leonardo Natale

Software Engineer

Patricija Karpaviciute

Patricija Karpaviciute


Backed by the best

Carbonfact is backed by world-class investors and entrepreneurs.


Carbonfact HQ

35 Passage du Désir,
75010 Paris, France

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