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Last update / effective date: 1 June 2022

Publisher (the Website) is published by Kanso Inc., a company having its registered office in the state of Delaware, at 251 Little Falls Drive, in the city of Wilmington, New Castle, Zip Code 19808.

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Marc Laurent

Hosting and data processing

Web application and services hosting

Data processing and storage

Technical monitoring

These services are used to monitor the performance of the Website and to improve the Website's performance. The data collected is used to improve the Website's performance and to provide technical support to the Website's users. The data collected does not include Personally Identifiable Information, except for IP addresses which are always transmitted with technical logs.


These services are used to monitor you interaction with our service to improve your experience. We only collect data through these services if you give your consent (through the cookie banner).




consent_analytics7 daysUsed to remember that the user has given consent to the use of cookies for analytics purposes

Google Analytics

_ga2 yearsUsed to distinguish users.
ga<container-id>2 yearsUsed to persist session state.

You can learn more about Google Analytics data protection practices here.


_pk_id13 monthsUsed to store a few details about the user such as the unique visitor ID
_pk_ref6 monthsUsed to store the attribution information, the referrer initially used to visit the website
_pk_ses, '_pk_cvar', '_pk_hsr'30 minutesShort lived cookies used to temporarily store data for the visit
_pk_testcookieTemporaryCreated and should be then directly deleted (used to check whether the visitor’s browser supports cookies
mtm_consent (or 'mtm_consent_removed'30 yearsRemember that consent was given (or removed) by the user.
mtm_cookie_consent30 yearsRemember that consent for storing and using cookies was given by the user.
matomo_ignore30 years
matomo_sessid14 daysIt is important to note that it doesn’t contain any data used to identify visitors and is considered an “Essential” cookie

More information on Matomo cookies and data tracking may be found here.


You can find more information on the cookies Hubspot may set in your browser here.

LinkedIn Insights Tag

LinkedIn Insights Tag enables the collection by LinkedIn of data regarding members’ visits to our website, including the URL, referrer, IP address, device and browser characteristics (User Agent), and timestamp. The IP addresses are truncated or hashed (when used for reaching members across devices), and members’ direct identifiers are removed within seven days in order to make the data pseudonymous. This remaining pseudonymized data is then deleted within 180 days.

More information on LinkedIn Insights Tag may be found here.

Details on the cookies used by LinkedIn may be found here.