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Gain real-time insights into your company's environmental impact

With features like real-time dashboards, product analytics, and scenario analysis, you can track progress against carbon reduction targets, simulate product-level changes, and dive deeper into the nitty-gritty details of your products' environmental impact. Plus, with carbon accounting for Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, you can get a comprehensive understanding of your company’s carbon footprint.

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Discover the Carbonfact platform

Track your footprint over time, in real-time

Carbonfact's interactive platform offers real-time insights into your company and product environmental impact. With automatic data integration, track your carbon reduction progress daily, weekly, or monthly, identify hotspots, and filter data by manufacturers, materials, or product categories. Understand your scope 3 emissions drivers and get a comprehensive overview with interactive graphs and detailed tables.

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Product analytics
Discover your products’ footprint at the SKU level

Easily access and manage your product data with the Products View. Effortlessly search, filter, and sort through your collection, while identifying incomplete products and understanding missing data points. Gain insights into each product's overall footprint, compare environmental emissions against your own category averages, and use date filtering for a comprehensive, style-level understanding of your product's environmental impact.

Deep dive into your products’ environmental footprint

Discover the environmental impact of your products by exploring LCA data on a SKU level. Easily navigate through a hierarchical layout that breaks down each stage of the product's life-cycle, from materials to end-of-life. See the source of each data point, whether it's primary or heuristics, and understand your product's footprint broken down by component, material, and emission factor.

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Understand the impact of your materials’ manufacturing processes

Our materials view feature allows you to easily track all the materials used in your products. You can view their country of origin, carbon range, and the number of products associated with each material. Drill down into a specific material’s environmental footprint and see all of the products linked to it. You can also identify the technical features and manufacturing processes of each material. 

Report on your Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions

Carbonfact provides accurate and comprehensive carbon accounting for Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions based on GHG Protocols’ standards. We use purchase order data and quarterly/yearly breakdowns to accurately calculate your scope 3. With customizable data inputs for facilities, employee travel, and other factors such as IT and marketing, you can get a detailed overview of your carbon emissions.

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Run what-if scenarios, on a product-level

Our Product Impact Simulation tool enables you to run what-if scenarios on a product-level, where you can experiment with different materials and components, suppliers, or transportation methods, and see how the changes would impact your emissions. 

Assess the combined impact of initiatives on your carbon trajectory

Run scenarios based on changes to materials, component weight, transportation method, and renewable share to understand ​​the combined impact of product and/or supply chain changes on your catalog’s carbon footprint. Use this information to create a solid plan, incorporate changes, and make crucial decisions with confidence to meet your carbon reduction targets. 

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Report your emissions, and stay compliant

 Export your data and graphs into standardized reports. With our user-friendly interface, generating sustainability reports for CSRD, ESG and SBTi etc. has never been easier. Our climate and compliance experts support you in navigating the complex regulatory landscape.


Stay compliant with the environmental labeling laws

The French Climate and Resilience law requires fashion brands to have verified environmental labeling. Our embeddable e-commerce widget allows you to showcase your product's carbon footprint assessment directly on your product pages. Clicking on the badge reveals a detailed dialog with more information on the product's footprint.

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Data export API
Access the data you need

We can export SKU-level footprints on a daily basis to Google BigQuery, and other data warehouse platforms such as Snowflake, Redshift, and Azure. This enables you to seamlessly integrate your data with your internal business intelligence tools. We provide a REST API that allows you to request footprints by SKU.

Measure your CO2 emissions

Get in touch and discover how Carbonfact can reduce your carbon emissions. Our in-house experts are ready to provide personalized guidance and solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Don’t take our word for it, take theirs

"With Carbonfact, we finally found a partner that ideally complements our new carbon strategy. The ability to break down carbon data down to product level finally gives us insight into the biggest levers for carbon reduction along the entire product life cycle. With the modelling function of possible scenarios, we hope to integrate carbon reduction measures into product development. This will be an important step towards achieving our carbon targets."

Philipp Schumacher
Philipp Schumacher

Corporate Social Responsibility

Manager at Fondof

"Allbirds was founded to create better things in a better way, a mission that inspired our laser-focus on carbon reduction -- and eventually, labeling each of our products with its carbon footprint. As we continue to grow, Carbonfact's offerings, particularly its product-level focus for footwear and apparel, ensures we can both measure our carbon footprint and actively find ways to reduce it. Carbonfact has been instrumental in helping us model different scenarios and make informed decisions that align with our sustainability goals."

Aileen Lerch2
Aileen Lerch

Sustainability at Allbirds

"Cobalt’s goal is to proactively manage our carbon footprint in the supply chain with the partners concerned and integrate such data into our ERP system. Carbonfact has enabled us to manage processes and the reporting of our emissions, as well as to ensure we comply with government regulations in both the production countries and importing countries."

Еllen Аrosio2
Ellen Arosio

Senior Comp and Sustainability

Manager at Cobalt Fashion

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