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May, 2024





About Carbonfact

The fashion industry is responsible for approximately 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). More and more companies are using Carbon Management Platforms to measure and create reduction plans. However, most of these solutions are generalist and, therefore, not tailored to fashion companies. Those companies indeed require detailed insights on the impacts of materials, manufacturing processes, or the “life cycle analysis” impact of its products.

This is why we developed Carbonfact, the only Carbon Management Platform dedicated to the textile and fashion industry. Our platform automates life-cycle assessment at the product level, enabling brands to gain a high resolution of their Scope 3 emissions and model out product-level change on the company’s broader environmental trajectory.

Brands and fashion groups from all over the world are already using Carbonfact (e.g. New Balance, Carhartt, Allbirds, APC, Armedangels, Happy Socks, etc.). We announced in May 2024 a $15 million Series A from Alven (Dataiku, Algolia, Qonto, etc), Headline (Farfetch, Bumble, Mistral AI, etc..) and Y Combinator (Airbnb, Dropbox, etc). 

What you should be excited about

Working on climate!

First of all, we expect you’re excited about working on climate-change solutions and being part of decarbonizing the fashion industry! There are not that many actors that can help the fashion industry reduce carbon emissions and we believe Carbonfact can avoid hundreds of millions of tons of GHG every year.

The team

We believe that a strong small team can achieve a lot. We knitted a team of committed people with experiences in multiple successful companies (Airbnb, Alan…) and brought the best practices and processes from those experiences to build the company. We are eager to share it with you, and learn from you.

Design challenges

There are many interesting challenges to solve on the Design side. The world of Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) is incredibly complex and our customers love us for making it simpler. We thrive to craft intuitive and elegant solutions that can lead to tangible impacts (yay Dieter Rams design principles!). 

We also chat with customers multiple times a day. Our feedback loop is short and highly iterative. 

Lastly we structure our work following the ShapeUp method. We shape our ideas before building them. We spend time thinking which feature we build next. 

Our company operating system

We have a hybrid and international company: part of the team meets weekly in our Paris office and a few team members are full-remote (Max in France, Lidia in Amsterdam, Laurent in Basel). 

We favor asynchronous and written communication (especially for knowledge management and decision making) and use synchronous online or in-person communication for problem-solving and idea generation, and a few weekly meetings to maintain some bonding (less than 3h a week).

We complete that with 3 retreats a year where we gather the full team and use it as an occasion to create a stronger team bonding and work on the next 6 months' challenges.

Our principles

Idealist pragmatists

We identify ourselves as idealist pragmatists. Our role is to give better information to fashion and textile companies so they reduce their emissions. To do so, we partner closely with our customers. That work can be grunt and tedious, but we believe it is our role and it is how we can effectively cut carbon.

Carbon above money 

We founded Carbonfact to make a tangible impact. Capitalism, regulation, and software are tools. Our goal is decarbonization. As a result, we will always trade off carbon impact over short-term financial gains. 

Own it

Carbonauts are shareholders. Not just employees. We act as company owners, constantly working to improve our customers' experience. We value accountability, rely on each other, and never drop the ball. 


The carbon problem is complex. We bring simple solutions to our customers. We choose the most straightforward path. We avoid complications. We believe in the efficiency of small organizations.

We maintain a high bar in our communications. We write clearly and concisely. Our communication is easy to understand for both internal and external stakeholders, even when they have limited context.

Low ego

We encourage a culture of feedback and a personal growth mindset. Being open to change and new ideas is essential. We run a complete performance evaluation based on peer feedback twice a year that allows team members to identify their strengths and areas for improvement.

What your role will be

You will lead our design efforts. You will closely work with Martin (Co-founder & CPO), Lidia (head of Marketing & Product Marketing) and our engineering team led by Romain (Co-founder & CTO) 

Your responsibilities include:

  • User research: listen or participate in Sales calls or Customer Success meetings. Consolidate and prioritize current pains and needs in simple one-pagers.
  • Shape: craft low-fidelity sketches to propose different solutions. Get input and feedback from other teams.
  • Build with taste: design in Figma elegant flows. Maintain a high bar for quality. Build with engineers to put a first version in the hands of our customers.

What we are looking for

We are looking for someone who can take raw ideas from customers or prospects, propose an elegant solution and interact with engineers to build it. 

We're looking for a design leader capable of translating the state of the art environmental science into tools that are easy to use. Here is a list of key attributes we look for: 

  • Experience: at least 7 years of relevant experience, ideally in a B2B company. 
  • Builders with taste: impressive portfolios or experiences.
  • Customer-oriented: walk backward from the customer's needs. 
  • Communication skills: fluency in French and English, excellent written skills, ability to interact with other stakeholders.
  • Located in Paris

Work environment and compensation

We determine the compensation package (salary + equity) based on an internal grid which is shared with employees. At the time of hiring, we’ll determine your level based on the position, your track-record and experience. You will then be promoted to higher levels based on your performance and your impact on the company. Each level is associated with a predetermined compensation.

For this position, you can expect a salary between €60k and €80k depending on levels. You can also expect significant equity with employee-friendly exercise rights.

We'll cover 100% of your health insurance with Alan at the best coverage level.

How to learn more about us

Application and interview process

Please send an email to explaining why you think you would be a good fit for this role. 

Before starting the process, we can have a 30’ call to ensure our searches align. Then, the interview process generally looks like this:

  • Exploratory call: 60 min, visio, with Martin, to understand your motivations and make sure it fits with the position.
  • Onsite session: we will invite you for an onsite interview for half a day. You will have a demo of the platform and shape a solution to a real customer problem. You will also interview with another Carbonfact founder and with the engineering team. 
  • Reference Calls: We will reach out to 3 persons you worked with and we identified together during the Validation Interview.


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