Adore Me partners with Carbonfact to lower the carbon emissions of fashion.
As part of its continuous journey towards more sustainability in the industry, Adore Me partners with Carbonfact to decarbonize fashion
NEW YORK, November 26th, 2022 - Adore Me, known for being the first lingerie brand to bring extended sizing to the market, as well as the only Certified B Corporation™ lingerie brand in the U.S, is proud to announce its partnership with Carbonfact, a startup helping fashion brands lower their carbon emissions.
In the short term, Adore Me and Carbonfact are partnering to calculate the carbon footprint of every single product in Adore Me’s wide catalog, through the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) method, mostly based on the PEFCR database (Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules) as well as the Kering group’s public database. Each of Adore Me’s products’ key features are evaluated in order to offer the most comprehensive footprint calculation possible, covering all its lifecycle from the production of raw materials to the product’s end of life; e.g. weight and composition, quantity purchased, manufacturer and raw materials suppliers origins, energy sources during the manufacturing process, transportation from the manufacturer to Adore Me’s distribution center but also from Adore Me’s distribution center to the final B2C customer.
In the medium term, Carbonfact and Adore Me will partner to accelerate the operationalization of the fashion transformation towards sustainability. For instance to improve the platform and give data-driven insights to help Adore Me achieve its SBTI goals.
Adore Me and Carbonfact are thrilled to work together as both entities share the common goal of decreasing the fashion industry’s negative impact on the environment through the use of technology, data and software. Adore Me has already built some internal tools to measure a product’s environmental impact and its expert Tech team enables seamless integration of new external tools. Carbonfact will accompany Adore Me on its sustainability journey - not only through their diagnosis of its product catalog, but also through insights on how to improve on the longer-term thanks to concrete strategies.
About Adore Me
Founded in 2011 as a disruptive online lingerie startup, Adore Me has evolved into a DTC womenswear brand that serves women of all sizes and budgets. The company is transforming the way people shop with a pioneering try-at-home commerce service that features a variety of apparel categories including and outside of lingerie. As an innovation-driven team, Adore Me is revolutionizing affordable sustainability through cutting-edge technologies and advanced innovations at affordable price points.
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About Carbonfact
Carbonfact is on a mission to decarbonize fashion. They do so via a Carbon Management Platform tailored to the needs of the apparel and textile industry. Brands can run fast and scalable life-cycle assessments (LCA) for their entire collection and reduce carbon emissions in their supply chain. Launched in 2021, Carbonfact partners with 150+ brands and manufacturers.
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