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On-demand webinar: A Data-Driven Approach to Sustainability


Published on

Jun 30, 2023

Written by

Lidia Lüttin




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In the first-ever webinar hosted by Carbonfact, Dr. Bahareh Zamani, Head of Science at Carbonfact, engaged in a captivating conversation with Marie El Guennouni, the Production Manager at Adore Me. The discussion revolved around the lingerie brand's pursuit of sustainability, providing an in-depth look at how data-driven insights can foster effective carbon reduction strategies.

About Carbonfact and Adore Me

Founded in Paris in 2020, Carbonfact is a carbon management platform that caters primarily to fashion and lifestyle brands. By providing a granular Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) engine, the platform enables brands to measure their carbon footprint at a product level, paving the way to better understand their sustainability targets and how to reach them.

Adore Me, celebrating its tenth anniversary, stands out in the fashion industry with its inclusive range of sizes and categories. Being a B Corp certified brand and a member of the Victoria’s Secret brand portfolio, Adore Me has been taking significant measures to evaluate its energy use, shipping processes, and carbon footprint.

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Data-Driven Approach to Carbon Reduction

To comprehensively understand its environmental impact and devise action plans, Adore Me partnered with Carbonfact to calculate the carbon footprint of each product in its catalog. This meticulous process involved gathering data on various life cycle aspects of a product, such as raw materials, production, and end-of-life. With these insights, Adore Me has been able to identify opportunities for emission reduction within its supply chain and make informed decisions towards continual sustainability improvement.

Technology for Sustainability

Adore Me's commitment to sustainability is further reflected in the technological tools they've developed. One such tool, a simulator co-created with Carbonfact, calculates a product's carbon footprint and allows designers to explore how different design choices influence this footprint. Another tool, known as AIM (Adore Me Impact Metrics), focuses on key impact areas like fiber, water, waste, and chemicals to assess a product's environmental sustainability.

These tools, coupled with the ongoing collaboration with Carbonfact, are helping Adore Me integrate carbon considerations into every facet of production and manufacturing, creating a holistic view of each product's environmental impact.

Beyond Product-Level Analysis

The collaboration between Adore Me and Carbonfact extends beyond product-level analysis. Adore Me is exploring the concept of vertical factories to achieve better energy efficiency and use renewable energy sources. They are also promoting local sourcing with manufacturers to minimize transportation impact and investigating innovative processes and alternative materials to further reduce carbon footprints.

Long-term perspectives and supplier engagement

The data collected by Carbonfact not only guides day-to-day decision-making but also shapes long-term perspectives and supplier engagement. Acknowledging that a significant portion of its emissions lies in tier two suppliers, Adore Me is implementing projects to enhance energy efficiency and explore renewable energy sources.

The ultimate goal: Evaluating industrial changes

Carbonfact and Adore Me's ultimate goal is to simulate and evaluate industrial changes, not just at the product level, but also at the collection level. With the development of new simulation tools, they aim to evaluate the impact of broader changes, such as moving production to different countries or switching to more sustainable materials.

Informed decision-making for a lower environmental impact

The partnership between Carbonfact and Adore Me exemplifies the potency of data-driven sustainability strategies. By collecting and analyzing carbon data, brands can make informed decisions to mitigate their environmental impact, aligning with sustainability initiatives like SBTi.

In this journey towards sustainability, every stakeholder's awareness of the environmental impact of their choices is critical. The collaboration between Adore Me and Carbonfact ensures the integration of carbon data from the initial design stages to the final decisions made by manufacturers, thus creating a more sustainable value chain.

Thank you for joining us in this enlightening webinar. If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to reach out. Let's continue this vital conversation because, together, we can make a difference.

Table of content

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