May 15th - 8am PDT / 11am EDT /  5pm CEST

How to build a data-driven decarbonization plan 

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Join our webinar featuring Aileen Lerch, Director of Sustainability at Allbirds and Martin Daniel from Carbonfact. We will share hands-on advice on how to build a concrete, data-driven carbon reduction plan.


This free online event is for footwear and apparel sustainability professionals who want practical advice on tackling supply chain decarbonization. 

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About the webinar


What you’ll learn

From understanding the landscape of available tools to identifying quick wins, this session will equip you with the knowledge to initiate or level up your decarbonization journey. This online session is a must-attend for footwear and apparel brands looking to set realistic reduction targets aligned with the Paris 1.5°.

What we’ll cover

  • How to build a solid data foundation and get started with building a carbon reduction strategy
  • Practical tips from Allbirds' experience in building and implementing a multi-year reduction plan
  • How Allbirds transitioned from manual planning to leveraging precise, product-level data, setting a benchmark for the industry
  • The next step in Allbirds' strategy and their vision for how Carbonfact will support their next five years of reduction efforts
    How to model the impact of products before threy are made
  • How a decarbonization plan can look in the context of upcoming textile sustainability regulations (CSRD, CSDDD) ) 

About Allbirds

The company was founded in 2016 with a single shoe -- the now iconic Wool Runner -- and a commitment to make better things in a better way. That commitment includes a laser-focus on carbon reduction, a focus that motivated Allbirds to become the first fashion brand to label its products with their carbon footprint in 2020... and shortly thereafter, to open-source their carbon calculator for use by the entire industry. In the years since, standards and legislation have continued to evolve, underscoring an even greater need for technology to support emissions measurement at scale. Now nearly five years after introducing their carbon labels and calculator, Allbirds is evolving its carbon reduction strategy to include Carbonfact.

About Carbonfact

The only Carbon Management platform for footwear and apparel brands, helping them measure, report, and reduce their emissions without manual effort.


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